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Mathes Innovation Center Building

Building History

This was the first home built for the specific purpose of housing a William Jewell College fraternity. 

The Kappa Alpha Order occupied this home from 1930-2001.

Fred and Shirley Pryor Center for Leadership Development

Fred '56 and Shirley '56 Pryor cast a powerful vision for a Center for Leadership Development that would transform students and the world they serve. Fred and Shirley Pryor have been an inspiration to our College and our community.

The fulfillment of their vision is realized each day through the programs and activities supported by this Center which stands as a testimony to their valuable and enduring impact on William Jewell College.

Mathes Innovation Center at William Jewell College

Past and Present

In a fusion of historical significance and forward-looking vision, the Pryor Center for Leadership extends a warm welcome to the Mathes Innovation Center for businesses. This union bridges the past and the future, intertwining two remarkable legacies.

Mark Mathes, an esteemed William Jewell College alumnus and a proud member of the Kappa Alpha fraternity, shares a deep-rooted connection with the institution. Yet, the story goes further, as his father and son also embraced the Kappa Alpha Order at William Jewell, embodying a tradition of excellence synonymous with the College.

Mark and his son, Jared, have played pivotal roles in the establishment and sustenance of the Mathes Innovation Center, offering invaluable financial support. Their dedication to the growth of William Jewell College and the broader community is evident through their substantial contributions. As committed alumni, their investment extends beyond physical infrastructure; it's a forward-thinking commitment to nurturing innovation, entrepreneurship, and the growth of young minds within the Mathes Innovation Center.


Now, this narrative intertwines with that of Fred '56 and Shirley '56 Pryor, whose visionary commitment set the stage for the creation of the Center for Leadership Development. Their dream was clear: to spark transformation within our students and the world they are poised to serve.

Today, the Mathes Innovation Center finds its home within the storied walls of the Pryor Center for Leadership. It signifies more than a mere collaboration; it's a testament to shared values and a resolute commitment to shaping the future. Together, these two legacies serve as a source of inspiration, empowerment, and leadership, as they continue to chart a course towards progress and excellence.

Members of the Kappa Alpha Order were instrumental in the renovation of this facility.

Mr. Mark Kleinbeck '74

Dr. J. Vernon Knight '39

Dr. Burnell Landers '60

Mr. W. Edward Place '82

Mr. Fred Pryor '56

Mr. Robert Steinkamp '67

Mr. Paul Tucker '42

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