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Welcome to the home of the Mathes Innovation Center at Jewell website! Open to any business idea or current venture.


The Critical Thinking College

William Jewell College

We believe student business founders shouldn't have to decided between going to college and running their business. That is why we have created scholarships for students to do both at William Jewell College.

Mathes Innovation Center Fellows will have an unprecedented access to mentors, services, and investors needed to be an impactful entrepreneur. Start your entrepreneurial journey as an inaugural fellow! 

Scholarships up to $5,000 are available to fellows of the Mathes Innovation Center. You and your business can earn you a scholarship. 

as services, programs, and new opportunities become available.

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Mathes Innovation Center Building
William Jewell College Logo

The Mathes Innovation Center is located at 17 S. Jewell St., Liberty, MO in the Pryor Center for Leadership Development at William Jewell College.

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